Welcome to the Garden Creek Virtual Exhibit!

The historical site sign indicating the Garden Creek archaeological site.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Alice Wright

Welcome to the virtual museum exhibit of the Garden Creek archaeological site! Please feel free to explore this exhibit and learn more about the archaeological site in North Carolina, from its origins and how it might have looked when it was being actively used from500 BC to AD 1500, to how it looked during its excavation as well as now, in the  present. You can find various photographs, maps, and even an interactive collection of artifacts from the site throughout this exhibit. The Garden Creek archaeological site may seem small, but it has a ton of history! Sites of similar scale exist throughout the United States, and by studying them, we can learn a significant amount about the live's of North America's Indigenous inhabitants!


This online exhibit was created by Cameron Blumhardt for the completion of her undergraduate honors thesis at Appalachian State University.