A History of Theaters in Caldwell County, North Carolina

A history of Will England's Hippodrome (1915), Lenoir's First Outdoor Theater, written by Dr. Gary R. Boye

Archaeology and Landscape in Upper Gambia (Senegal)

This digital exhibition explores the history of Upper Gambia from the perspectives of past people living along the Gambia River and on and around the Bandafassi Plateau.

Documentary Film Studies

Documentaries on the history of Appalachian State University

Garden Creek Virtual Exhibit

This exhibit serves as an online exhibit focused on the history and the excavation of the Garden Creek archaeological site, located in North Carolina.

Portrait of Kelly E. Bennett
Kelly E. Bennett: Apostle of the Smokies

Dr. Kelly E. Bennett (1890-1974) was a pharmacist, prominent civic leader, and political representative for Swain County, North Carolina in the mid-20th century. This exhibit explores Kelly E. Bennett Papers, housed in Appalachian State University's Special Collections Research Center, and Bennett’s role in shaping tourism in Western North Carolina.

Mapping LGBTQ+ History in Watauga County

Although Watauga County, like the rest of Southern Appalachia, has been historically stereotyped as heteronormative and homophobic, LGBTQ+ individuals exist here. This project highlights important places to local LGBTQ+ history and those who bettered their communities by educating, supporting, and being themselves. We combine mapping, archival material, and historical research to illuminate the history and culture of Watauga county's LGBTQ+ communities.