Letter from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette; undated; MCR3.15


Letter from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette; undated; MCR3.15
Handwritten letter dictated to Todd Meeks from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette, formerly of Meat Camp, NC. The last paragraph of this letter on the second page describes Chase's property in Rominger, NC, called King's X. Chase reminisces about the development of their relationship at King's X after Trivette moved to Berea College, Kentucky, and the property mysterious burned.
Richard Chase
AC133 Richard Chase Papers 1.2 MCR 3.15
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Handwritten Letter
Title 17, US Code
Dictated to: Todd Meeks
Dear Dean,
Sorry the envelope got a bit of chocolate milk spilled on it.
I don't know whether you know Mary Renault's books: The Last of the Wine and especially The Pension Boy. I have just finished listening to a novel of modern times - The Chariotteer. This is based on Plato's figure of a man being drawn through life by a black horse and a white horse. The white horse is trying to lift him up into its spiritual realms and the black horse is trying to pull him down into sensual realms, and he must control both horses.
Do I remember something about a photograph you, I think, wanted to send me?
No definite news, as yet, from East Tennessee State University. However I had a letter from Dr. Thomas G. Burton, head of the English department, handwritten and signed Tom Burton. Evidently, decisions about my [next page] library and me moving there have to be made by other authorities at E. T. S. U.
Take care of your liver young man!
My health is pretty good. My legs do hurt when I walk too much. I have an electric wheelchair and have, on occasion, done some shopping at a big grocery store two blocks from where I live.
King's X four acres I share with Tom Allison who helped me alot in the beginning. Often I long for the beauty and tranquility of that chapter of my life. I hope that many of our wild flowers are still there - the loss of that place being burned down still puzzles me. But it is good to think about our adventures at that 'sanctuary.' I remember telling a visitor that King's X was a safety zone.
P.S. The rose petal decoration didn't seem to work out.
Keep Well and Keep in Touch,
Love Always,