Announcements for MCC 2000



Announcements for MCC 2000


A list of announcements for Metropolitan Community Church of the High Country from 2000.

Campus Ministry meets in B-18 East Hall A.S.U. at 7P.M. on the first and third Thursdays of each month

If you are interested in membership class please see Cindy after service

G/L/B/T A.A. groups meets on Tuesdays at 8 P.M. at the Jones House

Cindy will be out of town 4/21, 22, 23
Gary will conduct service next week

Crop Walk April 29 at 9 A.M. if you can't walk please consider sponsoring a walker

District Conference May 5, 6, 7
Tye from Greensborough will preach

Pride in Durham June 10, 11

Bible Study beginning in May ?

M. C. C. of the High Country is an inclusive Christian fellowship which seeks to welcome all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation. M. C. C. seeks to serve the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and their friends and families. This church is a "new work" of The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches.

Please consider listing with us your name and telephone number. It is our intent to keep all information in confidence.




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