Richard Chase to Dean Trivette, undated; MCR 3.1b



Richard Chase to Dean Trivette, undated; MCR 3.1b


The second page of an undated handwritten letter from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette. Chase professes his love for Trivette and cites other historically assumed homosexual men.


Richard Chase


AC133 Richard Chase Papers 1.1 MCR3.1b


Appalachian State University Digital Collections


Courtesy of Special Collections Research Center, Appalachian State University


You are the one real truelove in my life...beautiful and clean and "Greek." Even Daniel and Jonathan could not love "like the people of the [unintelligible]." [unintelligible] kept their love harshly "spiritual," ours was "not incomplete," as you once wrote me. It was full and joyous. Sophocles and Alexander, [unintelligible] and Whitman, knew this love. [unintelligible] died, at 80, in the arms of a beloved young friend.
Your long silence has hurt me deeply; especially because you have never let me know why.
I hope you have found happiness there where you are.

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