Letter from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette, undated. MCR3.8


Letter from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette, undated. MCR3.8
A handwritten letter from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette. The former wrote in April in the early 1970s from Charlotte. Chase asks Trivette to provide an update on his life and explain his long silences. The bottom half of the first page is cut off in the scan but is still transcribed.
Richard Chase
AC133 Richard Chase Papers 1.1 MCR3:8
Appalachian State University Digital Collections
Courtesy of Special Collections Research Center, Appalachian State University
Handwritten Letter
Sunday 16 April - in Charlotte
Dean: This letter will be difficult for me...not just because I can hardly see to write, but because it must be a "last chance" for, in a way, both of us.
My last two letters to you remain unanswered. My questions to you not answered. For my sake now (and perhaps for yours) please let me know: (1) Why the long silence - when I finally had to return your wonderful letter (2) Why did you leave UK Library - and (3) Are you thriving there in NYC - mentally serene? - emotionally [unintelligible] ? - financially secure? I don't know whether this might mean "facing facts", for you, but...would it help? Try it please - (1), (2), (3), +(4)
I hope you have already written me. The Hendersonville address is still good.
Fri AM Will you keep your word to write to me?
[next page] Come home! I need your help.
Monday 17th - at breakfast.
(4) Did you get my recent printing of the big brochure - with the sketch of [unintelligible] by the 14 yr old boy?
I keep wanting to share certain lines of poetry with you: Keats, one of Shakespeare's sonnets, Walt Whitman, [unintelligible]...and Mary Renault's excellent work on Ancient Greece dealing with Greek Love - the beauty of that love "more wonderful than the love of women."
My work, which you have had faith in these years, must be worked on (in the years I have left) and I need help on this - and in many other ways - - a reader. (I can drive but reading gets increasingly difficult)
Dean - why don't you, too, come home where you really belong?
Please try some to answer
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