Letter from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette, undated, dictated to K.L.D.; MCR3.13


Letter from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette, undated, dictated to K.L.D.; MCR3.13
A handwritten letter dictated to K.L.D. from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette at midnight on May 6. Note the King's X stamp, created in California (King's X "west"); because Chase writes from Hickory, he likely uses the stamp as a reminder to Trivette of that place and their history. Chase inquires into possibly visiting New York and Boston, and discusses finishing his Opus.
Richard Chase
AC133 Richard Chase Papers 1.1 MCR 3.13
Appalachian State University Digital Collections
Courtesy of Special Collections Research Center, Appalachian State University
Handwritten Letter
Dictated to K. L. D. Midnight May 6
Dear Dean,
How is your business doing? How is your health? How is your life?
I hope to come to New York, maybe in June. I am practically helpless. My one remaining eye cannot see enough to read nor write. However, if you could be available to help me get to the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, and my New York publisher, I would certainly be grateful. Oh, also it is necessary for me to rely on a wheelchair to get about. I would bring my own wheelchair. So, please do let me hear if you will be in New York during the month of June.
[next page] The (?Magnum?) Opus which I have been working on for more than fifty years, is shaping up; not as my own poems, but much more importantly, as an anthology. The sections of it deal with I. World Peace, II. The Mystic Experience, III. Norse Mythology, IV. The Love of Women, V. Friendship i.e. Greek. My daughter has been helping me with parts of this MS. My Boston publisher has shown interest in this project. I ought to try to go to Boston to push this business on. - I know you have had faith in this creative effort of mine, and you have been a source of encouragement to me in this effort.
Do please let me know if you can give me a little time during the month of June. Luckily I can afford such a trip and hotel expenses, etc.
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