Note from Richard Chase to Richard Trivette; undated



Note from Richard Chase to Richard Trivette; undated


An undated handwritten note from Richard Chase to Dean Trivette. Chase recites a poem from A. E. Housman and adds remarks. The note is not given an MCR number.


Richard Chase


AC133 Richard Chase Papers 1.2


Appalachian State University Digital Collections


Courtesy of Special Collections Research Center, Appalachian State University


Handwritten Letter


From A.E. Housman
"From far, from eve and morning, and you twelve wind ed sky, the stuff of life to [unintelligible] + me blew hither. Here am I. Now for a while I tarry, nor yet disperse a part. Come. Take my hand and tell me. What have you in your heart. Speak now and I will answer. How can I help you say, 'ere to the winds twelve quarters I take my endless way."
"oh when I was in love with you, then I was clan and brave, and miles around the wonder grew, how well I did behave. And now the fancy passes..."
For me, nothing has passed. King's X + you being with me there - and your letters, are a part of my very being, and have never diminished. Flowers, + music, and love and joy.

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