ASU Queer Film Series

Film exists as an important expression of lived experiences and subjective emotional realities, and for many members of the LGBTQ+ community their personal experiences and realities are not reflected in mainstream cinema. Queer cinema serves an important role in community building, and the Queer Film Series (QFS) (2000-2017) gave students at Appalachian State University an opportunity to watch films they may have never seen otherwise and engage in dialogue about these films with their peers, in accordance with the series’ goal of promoting diversity, understanding, and acceptance. 

Unfortunately, many of the websites and documents related to the film series were poorly maintained and lost to time through link rot - the process by which hyperlinks no longer point to their original target due to the targeted file or web domain being taken down or moved somewhere else without a proper redirect. Websites meant to explain the mission of the QFS were changed to redirect links to departmental pages or outright broken links that gave error pages, and the content from those webpages could only be accessed using web archive tools. This exhibit exists to preserve the legacy and mission of the QFS in the name of accessibility.

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