Camp Activities

At Yonahlossee We "Do Our Own Thing"

Yonahlossee offered a free choice program under the direction and guidance of mature and experienced counselors.  This program was presented as a change from the regimentation the girls had during the school year.  It not only allowed the camper to work at her own pace and according to her own interests, but tended to broaden her horizons and perspective powers.

Offerings included: arts and crafts, archery, tennis, shooting, canoeing, music, drama, water sports, hiking, camping, and many more.


A camper at a weaving loom.


A group of campers with a counselor sitting outside a camping tent learning to start a fire.

Archery at Yonahlossee

Campers take aim at the archery targets.

Campers playing tennis

Two campers on one side of a doubles game of tennis.

Young campers holding a snake

Three young campers with mixed reactions to snake handling.

Campers at target practice

Camp Yonahlossee offered campers a chance to learn to shoot a rifle.  Two campers take aim at targets.

A group of campers out hiking

A group of campers take a break from hiking to pose along the trail with their counselor.

Canoeing at Camp Yonahlossee

The lake at Camp Yonalossee was open for swimming and canoeing.  

Campers basketweaving

Campers learned different arts and crafts, if they chose, including basketweaving.

Letters Home & Weekly Reports

Weekly reports covering health, attitudes, participation, achievement, and the use of spending money, along with a personal notes from the counselor and letter from the directors, were sent home from the camper each week.

Schedule of activities

Schedule of one camper's weekly activities

Letter home from a camper

A letter sent home a camper's father, detailing her previous week at camp.