Camp Yonahlossee for Girls

Camp Yonahlossee, once located near Blowing Rock, North Carolina, was a summer camp for young women that operated from 1922* to the late 1980s.  The camp was founded by Dr. Adam Perry and Margaret Kephart, educators from Greensboro, North Carolina.  Camp Yonahlossee was the female counterpart to the boys' Camp Yonahnoka located in nearby Linville, North Carolina.

The camp's primary forcus was outdoor recreation with programs including horseback riding, archery, rifle shooting, swimming, sailing, and fencing.  Crafts, dance, and theatre were also taught.  Campers often attended year after year and developed strong, life-long friendships.  When it closed, the camp became a resort focused on equestrian activities.

The Camp Yonahlossee archival collection features materials related to camp life, its administration, and its history.  Extensive photographs and scrapbooks also illustrate the Camp Yonahlossee experience throughout its operation.  To learn more, visit the Special Collections Research Center.

*Records in the collection differ on whether the camp began operations in 1922 or 1923.

Campers at Yonahlossee in 1922

As noted in other places, the date of the camp's beginning differes throughout the archival collection.  This is one of three photographs that are labelled '1922.'