Friendship, the Tie that Binds

The renewing of old friendships and the cultivation of new friends each summer made Yonahlossee that place remembered by hundreds of girls as the center of fellowship for many years of their lives.  The loyalty of "Yonahlossee Girls" has been described as a definite factor in helping the camp achieve its purpose and goals for so many decades.

Friendship at Yonahlossee

Four campers, laughing and smiling.

Friendships of Yonahlossee

Two campers swinging together, smiling at the camera.

Celebrating a camper's birthday

A group of camper's smile and pose for the camera.  One girl holds a birthday cake.  The photo is dated 1934.

My Camp Log

Campers would receive a camp log every session and girls would have their friends and cabin mates sign in the back pages like one would see in a school yearbook.

Pages in My Camp Log

An example of a camper signing another camper's Camp Log.