Horseback Riding

Take to Your Boots & Saddle

Horseback riding was a favorite activity at Camp Yonahlossee.  In the ring and on the trail, campers were taught safe riding and jumping skills.  Girls were given the opportunity to learn to feed, groom, take and care for their mounts, as well as participate in shows both in and out of camp.

Horseback riding at Yonahlossee

A Yonahlossee camper astride her horse, wearing her riding hat and gloves.

Making the jump

A Yonahlossee camper mid jump.

Campers astride their horses

Three campers in the saddle with the mountains in the background.

Early horseback riding at Camp Yonahlossee

Dated 1929, a camper is captured mid jump on her horse, with several campers on horses waiting their turn in the background.