Early Memories

The Log of Yonahlossee cover

The Log of Yonahlossee from 1925 was the work of all the campers describing the affairs of the camp in their own words and style.  According to the prologue, the creation of this log was considered training in citizenship and self-expression.

The Log of Yonahlossee prologue

The prologue lists the editors (presumably campers) and the Counselors in Charge.  It also states that the Log was sent at Christmas time to all who has been at camp the previous season.

"Gathering in of the nuts" in The Log of Yonahlossee

A group photograph of campers and counselors in the Log of Yonahlossee that is captioned "Gathering in of the nuts."

Friendship poem from 1937 scrapbook by campers

This 1937 scrapbook was compiled by campers who Camp Yonahlossee during that season.  Each page was created by a different camper.  This one is a poem about friendship.

Portrait drawings in 1937 scrapbook

These protraits were drawn by one the campers in 1937, perhaps of her cabin mates.

Tacky Party drawing by camper in 1937 scrapbook

A camper drew and labelled attendants of the 1937 Tacky Party.  One of those is Mrs. Kephart, who was one of the owners of the camp at the time.

Drawing by camper of Parents Day 1937

This page of the scrapbook shows a rendition of Parent's Day at Yonahlossee in 1937.