Camp Administration & History

The Directors Through the Years

Camp Yonahlossee was founded in 1922* by Dr. Adam Perry and Margaret Kephart, who were both educators from Greensboro, North Carolina.  The Kepharts remained frequent visitors and consultants to the camp after ownership was taken over by Agnes Jeter and the McCords.

Agnes Jeter was lovingly referred to as "Jete" by the campers.  She began her career at Yonahlossee as a college student counselor, and she remained with the camp until it closed in the late 1980s.  George and Jean McCord, in partnership with Jete, bought Yonahlossee from the Kepharts in 1954.

Eric and Kathy DeGroat were involved at Yonahlossee beginning in the 1960s, and eventually replaced the McCords as owners and directors.

Jim and Elaine Jones, along with Carol Lee Blessingame (better known as "Skeeter"), replaced the DeGroats and were the owners and directors until the camp's closing.  


*Materials in the Camp Yonahlossee collection differ on this date.  Camp catalogs from the time when the McCords were the owners say the camp was founded in 1922, wihle later catalogs and postcards say 1923.

Dr. Adam Perry (A.P.) and Margaret Kephart

From left to right: Dr. Adam Perry and Margaret Kephart

Agnes "Jete" Jeter

From left to right: Two campers and Agnes "Jete" Jeter

George and Jean McCord

From left to right: Jete and George and Jean McCord

Eric and Kathy DeGroat

From left to right: Eric and Kathy DeGroat, and Jete

Jim and Elaine Jones and Carol Lee "Skeeter" Blassingame

From left to right: Jete, Carol Lee "Skeeter" Blassingame, and Jim and Elaine Jones