Performing Arts

All the World's a Stage

Through drama, music, and dancing campers improved and developed their talents in the performing arts.  These played an imporatnt role in the lives of Yonahlossee campers, ranging from group singing in assemblies, choir and Vespers on Sunday, to singing and dancing in the camp musical.

Campers dressed as a horse in a play

During a skit, one camper is dressed for horseback riding, while others are draped in a sheet to look like a horse.  Other campers look on, laughing.


Campers acting in a skit.  One wearing a straw hat carrying a shovel, while another seems to be dressed as a baby being pushed by a third camper in a wheelbarrow.

Learning to play the dulcimer

A camper learning to play a dulcimer.

Camp Yonahlossee Songbook cover

A copy of the Yonahlossee songbook with Charlie the Chipmunk featured.

Camp Yonahlossee songs

Pages from the Yonahlossee songbook showing lyrics and tunes.

Camp Yonahlossee sing along

Campers crowd around the piano to sing along with the piano's accompaniment.

Camp Yonahlossee morning bugler

The morning bugler at the camp.